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The Wrapping Paper is Low Adhesive, providing an angle of a compressed appearance. Tommy is at the Polishing Lathe looking for Steel tools that create an RZ that a pyramid can’t provide. A compressed cell yields too much BCM to Electroplate. We will make the artwork in a straight hang polish. The tegatron will transfer the volume that the test roll won’t adhere. Printing is an art that we can finger print. When we proof on the GMS our vinyl and paper stretches but as we digital print the acrylic, our embossing’s stand out. The plug in the scope is creating a seamless rotation. So the technology will spec out over the next 100 films. Our ink can be provided as UV, Solvent or water base. Heat seal and cold seal is engraved by deeper etchings. Etch a compressed cell to use the stylus so the cell shapes create a hardness the Vickers can’t read. No brightener is added to emboss the chrome to a mirror finish. So therefore we will crisscross the buffing pad on a normal angle. In Gravure Printing the engraving head or stylus, balances the roll to ensure all polish stones are balanced. The buffing will be part of color separation due to cell width, cell height, channel and numerous applications that Bruce Blalock will not clean. A Ballard shell is the same thing as a flat plate. Adobe creates problems of diamond or stylus breaks. When we scope a roll in microns we look for cell depth, cell width, cell shape created by the percent needed. We don’t use Chrome or Copper Sulfate when etching a Pad Roll. Gravure, Inc. makes Embossing Rolls for a deeper etch. We utilize Digital Needs, Inc. as a partner. DNI is an abbreviation. The Burr Cutter does not help unless it is riding along the service. Then the Sliding Shoe takes it part as holding the engraving head up against the spinning cylinder. The Diamond etches in the circumferential direction. This is how the Helio gives such a smooth transition of tones. We strive in customer satisfaction. We provide spec sheets and cell pictures of all rolls after they are proofed on the GMS. Our doctor blades can come in ceramic, stainless steel and the backing is more along the lines of a sheet metal. We can digital print on ceiling tiles, flooring, Wallcovering, Giftwrap, Wood, plastic, Rugs, Paper, doors, banners, signs, acrylic and many more. We use UV Curable Inks, Water-base and Solvent base inks on the GMS. HP FB500. 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Gravure makes K-Proofer plates. Gravure copper plates cylinders. JD Cunningham is President of Gravure. Tommy Cook is Vice President of Gravure. Bob Norman was the founder of Gravure.  Gravure is an engraver for the wall covering industry, Gravure is an engraver for the packaging industry.  Gravure engraves cylinders for the laminate industry.  Gravure make flat plates for sampling. Gravure is a provider of embossing rolls.